1/50 North Shore Bvd
Burdell QLD 4818
P (07) 4758 7000
F (07) 4758 7007

North Shore Well Women’s Clinic is a Private Billing service. (no bulk billing)

Consultations are by appointment only

We schedule 15 minute appointments per standard consultation

All patients attending the Well Women’s Clinic for the first time require a Long Consultation

If you have several issues to discuss or have a complex issue please inform reception as you will require a longer appointment.

Standard consultation (15 minutes) - $78

Long Consultation (30 minutes) - $113

Well Women’s check (45 minutes) - $150

Gap payments on all consults are approximately $40 - $42

Cancelled and non-attendance of appointments

A $20 fee applies for non-attendance of scheduled appointments and appointments cancelled with less than 2 hours’ notice

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